Cappy has returned :-D

It was a long boat ride for sure. Ten weeks to be exact. Das a long time to be away from my Baby, but Thank God it's over. I got home Thursday and the last few days have been like a long, deep sigh, relaxin' unwindin and reveling in the company of my sweet Pegody. We have been busy doing lil things 'round da house in preperation for our visit from our dear friends, Mr. Ed and Jean Radigan. They are dear friends of Pegody from Ny State and I have come to love 'em as much as she does. They are wonderful folks and we cant wait to see them again. Lots of stuff going on now that the, errrrrrr honeymoon is over, well not over but..... ya know what I mean.... less intense?? Anyways, lots of yard work, and the carpenters are comin' to do the bedroom etc.
I took some nice pictures while on the boat. I mean, ' stands to reason that in 10 weeks I'da found sometnin' to point my camera at:-)
Well, more to come later; I plan to post lots of short lil comments in the coming week. Das more my style anyways; short and sweet. Unlike 'certain Pegody's' lengthy ramblings:-P Well, better close for now 'fore I'm accused of "ramblin' on" myself. CAPPY
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