Pelicans Progress

In winter months when we cross shallow lakes and bays, our propellers ('wheels', in tug-boat lingo) stir up muddy water, which brings to the surface small fishys and 'stuff' as we dig our way along. This attracts the usual crowd of seagulls who follow along behind us, catching any 'goodies' that we wash up in our "wheel wash". In Lake Verret, the local white pelican population has learned the same trick. They follow along in our wake, floating in the turbulance, snacking on goodies. As we continue our trek, we slowly leave them behind, so, after awhile they take wing, fly after us, right up to the stern (the back) of the boat, land and repeat the cycle again and again as we move along. The white pelicans are beautiful in flight, graceful, stately and truly a joy to behold. Their landings, however, are tricky, due to their large wing-span and well..., graceful flights end in comical touchdowns. In this series of pictures, I attempt to show you their typical landing. The pictures ain't necessarily the same bird; just pictures representing a typical pelican approach and landing. I hope ya enjoy seeing them as much as I enjoy taking them. For more info. about white pelicans click : http://www.mbr-pwrc.usgs.gov/id/framlst/i1250id.html ...and for more picture of the Pelicans playing in the wheel-wash, click the underlined title of this post to be brought to an album in Yahoo photos. Just click "slide show", sit back and enjoy.

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