Ever Get Dat Feelin' Someone's Lookin' at Ya From Behind?

One day this big ole owl flew down and landed on our barge. It was mid-day, so this was very unusual, 'cause ya only usually see these guys at night. Well, I was enjoying watchin' him as he sat there riding down the bayou with us. I called to the crew downstairs to come see him, too. We watched him sit there for several minutes with his back to us, but after a while I guess he started gettin "that creepy feelin" and slowly turned, like only owls can do, and looked right back at us watchin' him. After seein' it was just us sailors gawkin' at him, he slowly turned back and looked ahead again. He sat there for several minutes before flying away seeming unimpressed by his audience, who by the way were thrilled that he came to visit.

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