Da Cher Bebe

Dan and Jennifer just emailed us pictures of their trip to the hospital to get the new baby, Chase Steven. They had the baby Thursday morning, but they didn't get to go home til Sunday. We are just so happy that all is well now. Chase's big sister, Melinda is taking care of her mother. Dan went out and bought Melinda a nurse's scrub with a name tag, because she was doing such a great job. (We need a picture of that, Dad.)

It was quite an ordeal, but well worth it. Grandpa and I can hardly wait to see our newest grandbaby. Down here in Louisiana, when viewing something precious, the phrase most often uttered is, "Cher Bebe!" (which sounds like a cooing, "Sha Beh-Bayyyy".) ...that loosely means 'cherished baby'.
P.S. By the looks of the outfit, it appears Grandpa has a new fishing partner. A fishing hat and bib overalls. Looks pretty Cajun to us. :-D

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