Trapped Again.

I just like this cartoon, on so many levels. Ever feel as though you've been their dinner guest? LOL.
I got up early yesterday, which is not a typical thing for me, got in the shower, dressed, "coffee'd", and was out the door to get to church for a special Mass. The ignition wouldn't turn over...not a click...nothing. No lights, even, in the whole vehicle. Sighhhh, here we go again. An AAA guy came out and jumped the battery, but said it wouldn't hold a charge, so I called Trapp Chevrolet again, and drove it right down. The A/C hasn't been working all that well either, lately, which is not a good thing in this record breaking high heat. It would have been nice if I could have stuck my head out the window like a dog as I drove there...an hour away, it woulda been nice. I had all the windows open blowing blast-furnace heat from the road through the SUV, which was better than the blast-furnace heat from the engine vent...I dunno, it was a toss up, but I got it there.
They'll try to get a look at the problem tomorrow. Meanwhile I've got a little dark gold rental car; a KIA Rio. The lady at the rental desk was typing away and talking to a fellow worker when she said, "Can you do a Kee-ya-ree-oh, Ms. Row-ban?" Huh? Did she want me to do some kind of cartwheel, too, besides having my credit card? Oh...ok, I got it.
Lots of stuff pending around here; whassup with the SUV, the bill, thereof, the carpenters are coming back and their last bill was double our expectation...what they had told us, I got a CRAPPY hateful letter from a loved-one, there's an hurricane perhaps headed this way. If "anticipation is half the fun", I should be enjoying all this a whole lot more than I am, and let me be truly grateful for what I am about to receive.
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