Still Clanging in There

Hi again, (finally) I think the last I had written was about trying to get off those miserable lexapro pills. I was doing pretty well, having literally cut them way down to miniscule bits, and waiting til the withdrawl symtoms stabilized enough to go visit our son Dan in NY. I promise I will post pictures. After the big wedding we then attended in Grenada MS, and all the dust had kinda settled, I cut the suckly rotten pills back some more...I'm determined to get off them. The feeling of being shocked with an electric current aka 'brain zapping' came back, along with being mentally out of focus and having a loud clanging in my ears constantly. It's disconcerting to be walking across the room, suddenly feel almost dizzy and having the sensation of electrodes zapping the neurons in the core of the brain. Good thing I had Googled about these being withdrawl symptoms, or I'd prolly want to get right back on them, the way others have and still do, just to alleviate the symptoms, planning on dealing with it all at some later point. That way I'd be falling right back into the same trap the pharmecutical companies want want all their customers to be in, but I'll be danged if I'll be slave to some large pharmecutical giant corporation.
Meanwhile, life goes on and in some cases not. Our best buddy Melissa's son, David, was killed in an head-on car crash. Now she and I are in a 'club' that no mother ever wants to join. It has bonded us even closer, but what a terrible thing to have happened. As it happens, tho, both of our youngest son's are named Joseph.
...So, at any rate, I'm off to the drugstore for another refill of this insidious prescription because all I know to do for now, is to keep a stiff upper lip, breaking them into smaller and smaller pieces, and keep clanging on.
(Meanwhile, as soon as I get back from said drugstore, I will be posting another blog today about the carpenters who worked on the house yesterday...I didn't forget.)

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