She Did it Again!

The other day I took da 'boys' back to Kami to get all purdied up again. When we arrived, we found her patiently making bows for pets that would be groomed. At the time she was making them from the two LSU colors, (a BIG hit in our neck of the woods) purple and gold.
I dreaded taking them in, and was actually embarrassed because they were such a mess. Capital M. I know I should groom them more myself, but I just let them run around like the rowdy little boys they are. As it was, I trimmed MarkyBear some, but, the poor guy still looked pretty scraggly and he had gotten his leg hair knotted....'clumped', I call it. She did a great job. They've only been there a couple of times, so I think she may have gotten them confused. The reason I think that is because she said, "Guess which one was the Brat this week?!" What? Mark acted up??? But then she pointed to SparkyBear the Brat. Oh yeah, no news there.
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