Countdown to Cappy

The Cappy sounds Happy over the phone today. He and the his crew are doing all the usual last minute spiffying, before he gets off the boat tomorrow... And, it's a gorgeous day for all that, as well. He just called and said they are headed for another spot way, way back in God's beautiful bayou country, and that they will be crew changing tomorrow (gets off the boat), maybe as late as noon. But no matter...our Cappy aint the only one goina be happy. His wife, three dawgs, and Ya'll...right? I hope he'll be bringing us some more of his breathtaking photos, as usual.
As for me, I'm running around like a head with it's chicken cut off. It goes like this: I know all "I gotta do"; it's alllll in my head. Now...getting it all done...hmmmm, not so sure. It's the " the mind is willin', but..." game I play with the clock. So, that's where I'll be all day. "Ya'll" be hearing from us, soon, I hope. If not, know we are 'passing a good time' thinkin' bout yall. Til then, please be careful...be safe...and as my Mom used to admonish, "Behave yerself!" (and we'll try to do the same.) :-)
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