Hippy Halloween

Cappy likes to call himself an old hippy. I, myself, was always disdainful of the hippy lifestyle when it first began. To me, it represented the tearing down of moral values which were built on modesty and self-control. I thought it was just an excuse to flat-out flaunt disrespect for Mom, the flag, apple pie and the American way. To Cappy it represented openly showing people that you care about them and helping others, and he hadn't gotten into the drop out and 'dope' scene. What reminded me of all that was, yesterday when I was cleaning out the attic...or attempting to anyhow, I ran across a lava lamp. It's still in the box because it was a gift we've never opened. I've threatened to give it away several times, but he's always said, "No, I fully intend to have it running in the den one of these days; it's relaxing to watch them". I suppose they are, I wouldn't know. When I talked to him last night, he said to go ahead and give it to Goodwill or something. Yesssss. I've adopted his 'to da road' theme when it comes to 'dunging' out closets or sheds or attics or whatever anymore. It's just so...well, exhilarating...so freeing. It's less junk I have to worry about.
And the climbing up and down the attic ladder laden with stuff is pretty good excercise, too. Lord knows I need it. I still have excercise equipment in boxes, too. I was telling our friend, Trishy, that Cappy and I like watching that commercial for the AB Lounger, especially right near the end of it, where they ask, "Now...would you rather have an AB Lounger or this hamburger". Have you seen that huge hamburger? They put it on a plate and pat the bun. That bun looks so soft and the melted cheese and/or mayo sauce, or whatever it is, comes seductively oozing out the sides...oh migosh, we always yell, "The hamburger!!" and wonder where in the world they found such a gloriously decadent object of desire. Nontheless, I bought the AB Lounger with hopes of finding room in our tiny house to set it up and actually begin to use it. I never did lose all the weight I had gained (which I couldn't afford to gain in the first place) while getting off those miserable lexapro pills.
So that's pretty much what I've been doing lately. Putting the Summer clothes in the 'tupperware' bins and exchanging them for the Winter clothes, tossing stuff to da road, trying to clear out the house of 'stuff' in anticipation of all the company we'll be expecting for our Thanksgiving. Dan has the plane tickets in hand for the whole crew, and they can hardly wait to come down. Seven of them...two adults, four kids and one baby. I am just tooo excited thinking about it. I think we will be putting them up in our 'mobil bed and breakfast'. It can handle eight people, 'easily'.
Thanksgiving isn't even here and I already have all the Christmas gifts wrapped and ready to ship to NYS...emma good or what. Not really; I just know that if I wait til after Thanksgiving to rush around, buying and wrapping and figgering and sweating and packing it all in separate sturdy boxes to send to all the kids, it wouldn't probably make it there in time for Christmas. Uhhh...been there...done that. <:"> So, now I can spend time finishing up some of my Christmas sewing projects and baking. I have banana nut bread frozen, from our bananas and pecans, waiting for Thanksgiving dinner, which is going to be some kinda Cajun/Yankee production. The menu is still being worked on, going to be posted so fambly and friends can sign up for what they will make. It's goina be goooood, I do know that!
But, until then...I still have today to get through. So far, I have two big bags of Kit Kats waiting by the door for trick or treaters tonight. The only reason they are still sitting there, unmolested, is that I deliberately bought candy made with wheat in it, so I couldn't touch it. I'm still wearing Halloween candy around my hips from last year, which I hadn't had the foresight or restraint to stay out of, before the kiddies had a chance to hit our door-step. Shame shame shame, Pegody! No self-control...guess I am of the HIPPY ilk afterall...darn it! Alright, where is that AB Lounger box...and the lava lamp? (I might as well have something to look at while I'm 'Lounging').
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