The Foundations Are Askew

Now that the criminal element doesn't have Harry Lee to fear, I hope the thugs in town aren't more emboldened; of course I don't know if that's possible. I've never heard of such brazen arrogance when it comes to the crimes we've heard of lately. With the elections for sheriff coming up, I hope someone emerges who will take on the legacy left for them, and 'wipe' the town up with these gangsters. So much for the 'blue-collar' crime.

I don't know who can tackle the deeply ingrained political corruption. All the gubernatorial candidates promise to do just that. My impression is that whomever gets elected and tries taking on the 'well-oiled' machinery will be chewed up and swallowed, as in the past. What with all the millions and billions of dollars which has been sent to the area in the last two years, having 'vanished' seemingly, I was almost bemused to see the same state treasurer's ad on television patting himself on the back for his job 'well done', and asking to be re-elected. Although, I'm still a dreaded Yankee, in honorary Cajun's clothing,....am I missing something? Is there something I don't understand here? Being raised in western New York, and forced-fed the miserable politics of that State gives me not a whole lot of room to talk, I guess.

I dunno. For me, the glass always has to be half full; it just has to be half full or I think I'd get too depressed, with not much hope at all.

Humor always helps me, somehow. Things might be awful, but if I scrounge around I might be able to find a crumb of humor in a situation to make the whole thing a little more palatable. 'Awful funny'. For example, our good friend, Chuck from Utah sent us this cartoon, with a pretty good solution for the rebuilding of New Orleans. (He said it's the first thing he's seen that makes sense to him, and that the building supply list and directions for construction can be found in be found in Genesis, chapter 5:14-16) I guess faith is something to build on.

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