I Got Nuttin' To Say

...But that's never stopped me.
Cappy just called. He's pushing his oil barge way over in Texas today. That's the farthest he's been from home with that thing, as long as I've been here, anyway. Because it's a new location, fraught with twists and turns and a lot of boat traffic, he and the crew have been losing sleep. He drove all night, with his "co-cappy" reading the maps to help him navigate in the dark. He said as soon as they get there and get tied up, he's gwinder take a nap.

That's what SparkyBear has been doing a lot of lately...sleeping. I took 'the boys' with me yesterday while I ran several errands. It was chilly, so I left the windows down a bit so they could get fresh air and snoop everybody who walked by. 'Course Mark barked at anyone who came near his vehicle. I got them their usual treat meal at Sonic, but Sparky didn't eat. When we got home he threw up, had 'rhea' and has just been lying around. I hope he didn't get anything at the vet's last week when Cappy and I took Mark for his shots and to check on his poor leg, (which has never gotten any better since his 'war injury' with the squirrel a few years ago). We take both the dogs whenever we go, so they won't think everytime they go to the vet's they are getting a shot or whatever, and more moral support to the other one, who is getting a shot, or perhaps worse, their temperature taken. So, I'll be keeping an eye on SparkyBear and babying him.

An update: It's been about a whole month and a half now, since I have finally gotten off those lexapro pills!!! I can actually say, I think I finally did it! It took, what...five months? During the last month, I was beginning to worry that I might not be able to really do it...that stuff fought me 'tooth and nail'. One other problem reared his ugly head tho, which began to occur once I was off them; that being, my true emotions surfacing for the first time in three years. I'd find myself crying for no apparent reason, or angry for no apparent reason, or...any kind of emotional response seemed to be overblown. My feelings had to relearn where the 'guardrails' were again, and not overreact. I think I've got an handle on it all now. It does seem nice to be able to cry over a good movie, instead of stoically sitting there wondering what's wrong with everyone else, who were watching the same movie I was, but they were bawling their eyes out over nothing. After I got off those pills, for awhile there, I was even crying over commercials; heck, if they are poinient enough, I still do.

We have a friend in Utah, who recently started writing their blog and have included pictures and funny stories. I really like it, and think you will too. Here's a link to it: http://ggizzmo.blogspot.com/

Welllll, I s'pose I'd better get a move on now, that banana nut bread aint makin' itself....and from our own yard even!! I can't tell you how excited I am about having bananas and pecans and lemons, which are also getting ripe, grapefruit (mouth drooling over these sweet ones which are huge and ripening) and oranges and little tangerine-like Satsuma oranges. I just don't have the words, but that's never stopped me before.
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