The Blizzard of January 2008

Yeah, it's cold outside. 33 degrees, as of right now, but it's supposed to freeze hard tonight. The Weather Bug has been doing it's job of bugging me, and everyone else here in South Louisiana, who has downloaded the infernal thing. I just don't like the cold...I just don't like it at all. Earlier, I put on a turtleneck so I could pull it up over my face, then a coat, and mittens so I could drag two big bath towels out to drape over two sticks, which have been standing center, in the middle of weed-encased fancy scalloped bricks since early summer. They are our Paw Paw "trees". I baby-sat our citrus trees in years past, all bundled up, as I was tonight, covering them with sundry towels or whatever I had handy to keep them from freezing. So they pulled through, and now we have luscious satsumas, lemons and... grapefruit, which are still, taking their good ol' time ripening. Although, this year, for whatever reason, I've pretty much just thrown up my hands and given up on ever having a real passion for hanging out in the heat of summer or cold of 'winter' to tend to ungrateful flowerbeds or window boxes. Mebbe this Spring.
Right now I'm in the throes of a blizzard. I'm sure I can't be the only one...I sure hope I'm not. Ever since Cappy was home, and spent hours trying to get our computer 'fixed', apparently, while he was dawdling with the 'Geek' on the phone, waiting for things to download or upload, he opened the filing cabinet and was dissatisfied with my filing system. I usually wait til after the Christmas season, to purge all the papers and magazines, which I have accrued, during all the sewing, cooking and running around. He usually never gets wind of all the stuff I pile in there, which awaits til he's safely ensconced back out on the boat. Not this year...he caught me. Still, til he was back on the boat, I couldn't do anything about it; the task was hanging over my head like a dark cloud.
Tonight, while listening to what Cappy refers as the 'talking head Pez dispensers' aka the political pundits, blathering in the background, ad infinitum, I was hammering away on a new metal frame for the top drawer of the filing cabinet. Before that, I unearthed all the papers, receipts, owner's manuals, etc. and stacked them on the futon behind me, because while I was unloading the cabinet, somehow the paper blizzard struck, covering the desk with three inches of white stuff. I'll shovel through it; I always do. SparkyBear is here to 'help'. He likes watching the shredder send showers of white flakes fluttering down onto the drifts in the waste basket. He's good company, yeah, but where's a fairy god-mother when you really need one?
...and back to the political wonks and the primaries; I can see by the results; I'm not the only one getting a snow job.

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