Pegody's Christmas in Alexandria, LA

It's halfway through January and I haven't related the wonderful Christmas I had with family in Alexandria at Uncle Eugene and Aunt Marguerite's house. Actually, what I thought I might try, is one of Cappy's new toys...the musical slideshow thingy. I've been fighting with it all day because there are a lot of confounded buzzers and whistles that caused me to lose the whole project a couple of times...a LONG time creating in the first place. Ah...I'll get it eventually. What I really wanted to do was to put anything on here that would create any kind of distance between this post and the last one.
Well, anyway...it's 12:30 a.m. and 'tah dah!' I think I did it! Moo-ah ha hah...I think it's alive. I spent Christmas with some of the FINEST people in da whole world, and I love them all dearly.
I'll have to apologize to Cousin Mark later, but rather than pick at it somemore and maybe lose the whole shebang again, I think I'll slather what I just spent all day making onto this blog and wearily crawl into bed. I'll see what I think about it in the morning. Hugs, Yall and G'nite.
(...a couple of days later...I notice I didn't include this picture of Cathy in the reshuffle, but if you think right now I'm up to doing that whole thing over again and waiting forever for it to upload on here again, ya cwayzee...I'll take it as a learning experience. I notice I could have also including titles for each picture, too. It's a cool little dealie, this music video thing, and I hope you don't mind us throwing it at you so much, lately.)
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