Da Mystery Jug

When folks come over for a visit it never fails; someone snoops in da fridge and inquires bout the mysterious jug. "Hey!" they say, "What's an old bottle of Crown doin' in da fridge and whas dat in it????"..."Wha kinda jug is dat in da door of yall fridge?" The bolder of the company we have, usually exclaim: "Woooooo! Das some of da bes' homemade wine I EVER tasted!" Well, since most of our readers don't get the chance to snoop in our fridge, let me explain. Our friend Melissa's Dad makes this glorious nectar, humbly disguised as homemade wine. The man is a true artist, and his wine is known and treasured by local town folks, granted the privilege of sampling this heavenly elixer. Peg and I are among the lucky few. Now and then we send him some produce from our yard or something we cooked so, once in awhile he sends us a jug of wine. We typically hoard this jug jealously, and savor it slowly enjoying an occasional icy glassful. This time, however; as soon as we opened the latest jug we knew we were in trouble. Homemade muscadine wine is a true treasure of the South, and this one is the best I've ever tasted (this from a guy that has had a few glasses of homemade wine in his time). Well, no savoring for this jug; it's now the next day, and the jug now contains one small glass full, and that, only because neither Peg nor I wanted to be the guilty one responsible for finishin' it all off already.

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