The First BBQ of 2008

In honor of it being the first Saturday of the year, Peg and I figured: no better time to put the Blues blaring on the patio and fire up the pit. I seasoned up a bunch of chicken and a tray full of our sweet bbq pork. Any good Cajun will tell ya, "a hot smoky pit is a terrible thing to waste", so we filled ours up with everything we had in da fridge. Peg fixed a pan of asparagus 'cappytizers' that were so good, the dogs begged for them, and a black iron pot full of our pit-smoked baked beans. Just the 2 of us and the dawgs partyin' on da patio 'neath the tacky party lights. Blues blarin' on the speakers and us slow dancin' in the glow. No we aint crazy cookin' all that just for us. Leftover smoked chicken is great in salads and for lunch and the smoked pork usually finds it's way into the Monday pot of beans. As for the asparagus, it went in a flash, what with the dogs gettin' more of them than we did...and my smoky beans don't stand a chance with Peg in da house; as a matter of fact, they prolly won't make it to morning. If ya wanna kick ya shoes off, lean back, relax and take 3 minutes or so, to 'spend the day with us'. just click play:-)

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