The Little Garden That Could

The little garden 'that could' is at it again, but it looks like some of the plants got up on the wrong side of the bed or something. The plants on the far end are cucumbers. The plants in the foreground are yellow crookneck squash. For some reason the plants on the right side of the bed are robust and happy, but the very same plants from the same seed stock on the left look almost miserable. All, still tiny, 60+ okra plants in the rest of the bed seem fine. When Cappy gets off the boat Thursday he will appraise the situation. You may recall from years past, bumper crops of cherry tomatoes, green beans, cucumbers, etc. hauled out of our little 48 square-foot garden by the dishpan full. This Spring we asked ourselves, "To bean or not to bean..." and decided to plant okra instead. Our little garden seems to be off and running in fine fashion. It already promises more okra than we dared hope for. I'm sure as the next few months go by, you will again see dishpans brimming over with produce from the little garden that we lovingly refer to as the 'Back 48'.
Other stories from the yard to come. We ate plums and gave away so many, and there are still plenty on the tree that I can't reach, but alas, I fear have passed their prime. The birds are still deliriously munching away on the golden flesh of these loquats (Japanese Plums). We are soon to be in figgy 'hayo',tho. We'll try not to eat them all in one sitting. We hope to save a few for granddaughter, Destiny, who last time she was here when the figs were ripe, all but laid under the tree watching for the next fig to ripen so she could snatch it, pop it into her mouth and savor the juicy sweetness. Therefore, I guess it's not just the little garden, but also the little yard that could. It's just the "little" Pegody who sometimes can't keep up and keeps panting to herself, "I think I can, I think I can".
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