The new DELL computer came in today; earlier than expected. Since Cappy is out on the boat, we had Brett, the 'kid' from down the street come install it. BTW, Brett is the young man we had mowing our lawn for the last few years, 'til he graduated high school and is now a student at LSU!! taking chemical engineering. We are so proud of him. And... you can see why Cappy had him come set up this new state-of-the-art (indimidating) machine. So tonight, here we sit...this..this...computer and me; both of us feeling somewhat vulnerable...and it should feel vulnerable if it doesn't. It looks vulnerable. The poor fool doesn't know what it's in for. Since I'm the one who 'brought down' the last computer with super viruses, and not the dreaded hammer I was always threatening to beat it senseless (with), still I am the one who caused all the harm. And let me just warn yall about how I 'murdered' the last victim...I went 'googling' Bible scriptures...can you believe that?? All HAYO broke loose and the computer went berserk and started bringing here into our home some of the filthiest stuff that I couldn't, in a million years, imagine that people...human beings (I guess they are humans...but now I'm not so sure) have come up with. AwfulAwfulAwful stuff. I think it broke the motherboard's heart. Cappy sez he's going to 'bury her at sea'. And so, now begins a new era, a new year with us; the "harmer" and the DELL...pray for us.
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