We have to apologize to some of our friends, who usually receive our Christmas cards. This year with the computer being down, I resorted to the old 4" by 6" cards, with everyone's names written on them. I left them on top of the computer desk where I had been working on addressing the envelopes, and I guess, went out shopping, leaving the dawgs in charge of the house. Well, somebody, who loves to make mischief, hopped up into the chair, got ahold of some of the cards and shredded them to tiny bits. AND I HAVE MY SUSPICIONS JUST WHO THAT SOMEBODY IS. The same brat who would take off joy-riding in his 'Dad's' Jeep if he could.
One of the people, whose card we lost, is our friend, Carol, in NYC. (Thanks Carol, for sending us a most beautiful Christmas card, so now we, at least have your address back again). And Robin, and others. If we didn't send one, please let us know for next year. Until then, here's a copy for you, and also for our readers...a little late. We hope you had the most wonderful Christmas ever. I was spoiled rotten this year...rotten I tell ya, and I loved every minute of it.

Happy New Year and May God Bless you richly in the coming year with good health, prosperity and more love than you can handle :-)
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