Merry Christmas Yall!

I hope you are all having a wonderful Christmas; I know I sure am!! Presently I am sitting at Sam and Louise's brand new computer table...gorgeous; it was a gift from their children. We tried scanning in our annual Christmas card for you...because, as of yet, our new computer hasn't come in. For some reason...and you know my luck, and my way of messing things all up...their scanner isn't working. But...whenever, next year the alleged DELL shows up at our door, I'll attempt to do it then. Until THEN...just know that we are all fine here, we love you and miss yall. We are having the best Christmas ever...I'm spoilt rotten this year, I tell ya. And I WILL tell ya...later. God Bless you today and until whenever, have a Happy New Year. Pegody and Cappy out on da boat
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