Send off BBQ for Mr. Ed and Jean Our Dear Friends

Peg and I began preparing our send off BBQ for our friends Mr. Ed and Jean, because their wonderful visit was coming to an end.  We thawed some spareribs and removed the membrane from them.

We seasoned them up Friday night and took out a couple bags of redfish fillets our neighbors, Jude and Sonia had contributed to the party.  We called it a night, and considered it a good start. 
7 A.M. and we were up and at it, drinking coffee and plotting the BBQ:drool:439:
By 8 A.M. I had the pit all cleaned out and ashes of BBQs past disposed of.

8:15  I lit the charcoal chimney, jumped in the Jeep and made a beer run. By 8:45 the ribs were rubbed down with my sweet, spicy "Cappy's Cajun Butt Rub".th_wsmsmile0ly.gif

At 9 A.M. on the dot, the ribs hit the pit and my Blues-picking buddy, "The irascible Mr. Ed" started warming up with some Clapton chords.
10 in the morning and the backyard fire pit is lit.  Those of you who know our yard will note the lack of bananas I whacked them all down to the ground with Mr. Ed's help.  The ones still standing are actually in the neighbors yard.  I plan to ask them if they want me to whack them too, while the cane knife is sharp and I still feel like whacking.

After an hour and a half or so, I started to feel like I aughta be BBQín' or something, so I rolled the ribs over and mopped them with a mop sauce of butter, beer and left over rub.

At noon I took the ribs up and added some fresh charcoal to the pit.  When I put them back, I stacked them on the warm side of the pit and put a pan of beans on, and some smoked sausage to heat up.  You can see that at this point the ribs are pretty well done. 

At 12:30 I pulled the ribs out to let them rest in a dishpan and replaced them with redfish fillets on the "half-shell". This is a trick for holding the fillet's meat together.  When ya fillet the fish leave skin and scales on the fillet.  This helps it hold together and retain the fish broth.  They come out juicy smokeylicous.:yahoo:

We separated the ribs and slathered them in Peg's sweet spicy chunky BBQ sauce and stored them in the oven while putting the finishing touches on the rest of the stuff.  It wasn't long before a hush fell over the crowd as they wrapped their lips around our feast.

I even remembered to fix yall a plate.  Smoked sausage in sweet and sour glaze, the ribs, macaroni salad, corn and the redfish.
As I  write this, it's late, the company is gone, and I cant help being thankful for this wonderful day!  Good friends, good food and like the Cajuns say "bon ton".  Filled with homespun music and laughter it was truly a blessing.  I am very glad I got to share it with yall and hope your day was Blest as well.  
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