Gift Fish

While Peggy and I were busily repairing my ole recliner Sunday morning, (another story) I couldn't help but think that it would have been a great day to go fishing.  Warm outside, a 'cold front" was approaching, and the barometer was falling, which always gets the fishies excited.  They sense the weather change and stock up on whatever they can find to eat before the bad weather gets there.  If ya lucky, its your bait.
  While screwing my broken recliner back together, the phone rang and it was my buddy "Smokin' Sam" wondering if I wanted a dozen fresh caught "sac au lait".  Well, being me, I said, "SURE!", and it wasn't long before a bucket full of still-wiggling fish showed up!  While Peggy put the upholstery back together on my usta be recliner, now big comfy chair, I scaled the fish and removed the fins.  Cajuns call these delicious lil pan fish "sac au lait", which translates to "bag of milk".  It refers to their flakey snow white flesh.  You may know them as white perch, or crappie. 
The next day I took 4 of them and lightly dusted them with my own special Cajun seasoning.
Then I added some lemon juice, a few dashes of Crystal Hot Sauce, a little ketchup, and a handful of green onion.

They were then tightly covered with aluminum foil and put in a 350F oven for 30 minutes.  When ya remove the foil be careful not to get steamed.  There will be some natural fish broth in the pan, and its great to spoon on top of the fish.

This is a wonderful fish cooked with no oil in its natural juices.  Paired with some steamed veggies and a tossed salad with the dressing being the vinegar from the sliced pepperoncini.  It's hard to believe something so very tasty could be so healthy at the same time.
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