Raleigh, the Wonder Dog (Re-edited)

This doggie wandered into our neighborhood with no collar and made himself at home with everyone. I was worried that he might get run over, or perhaps worse, so I took him in, fed him, put posters all over town looking for his folks, all to no awail. He appears to be a Rhodesian Ridgeback. I called him Raleigh, (which sounds like ROLLY) so while he's here, he'll know who I am talking to. He's neutered, house-broken and has such a sweet docile nature. He does not like his picture taken, so I haven't been able to show what a silly boy he is. One ear stands straight up and the other folds down. Despite what the picture looks like, he's not blind in one eye. (I couldn't get my adobe picture thingy to correct it.)
While it may not be all that interesting, it's one of the main events going on in Cappy and Pegody's world this last week and a half. So far we have no "takers" on this poor boy, and Cappy says we aren't keeping him, so if no-one will take him in and give him a GOOOOOD, loving home he'll be headed to a doggie-shelter this Friday, taking his aquired toys with him. I bought him a couple of colored tennis balls and a 'tug of war' pull toy. One of our white curlie pampered brats got ahold of it, and Raleigh knew it was his, but wouldn't fight about it...he just put his paw on the floor a couple of times and kind of mewed at the thieving Bichon who was gnawing on it.
Unfortunately, people leave animals off in this neighborhood all too often. One cat was left off a few years ago and loudly Meowed, her voice echoing off the houses for weeks. She would come and visit SparkyBear daily. She'd rub against him, lie down on the driveway beside him to keep him company, cuff at him when he walked by, and roll around and play with him. I called her "Chatterly". It was a fun name I could go all kinds of ways with, such as 'Chat' meaning 'Cat' in French (Cajun French being a local thing in South Louisiana), she was 'chatty' for sure, and she was a flirt akin to Lady Chatterly, methought. Just about the time we decided she could stay with us, she disappeared. Her memory is still with us, as mockingbirds still call, sounding just like her, as they fly from tree to tree. Can you imagine; one day I thought I heard her up in a large tree and thought, "Oh gosh, no wonder she hasn't been around; she's stuck way up in some tree and scared to come down...now what do I do? Call the fire-dept?" Just then I heard her voice, still meowing, but moving...from that tree, to waaay over in another tree, then moving still again to another location. I might be blonde, but it didn't take me a but a confused milli-second to figure this cat was decidedly not flying. About that time I noticed a mockingbird flying around in the vicinity "meowing". I always think of her whenever I hear 'her' loud distinctive call coming out of a bird's mouth and wonder what happened to her.
So, we've had wonder cats and wonder dogs, Raleigh being the lastest. I wonder for sure, where he will be come Friday.
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