I am always amazed when I stroll through our yard after a long hitch on da boat. It's been an extra-long time since I've had the chance. I was on the boat for 7 weeks and when I got home we left immediately for our New York vacation, and then got home just in time to go back to work. Well, after another 4 weeks on the boat, I finally got to take that leisurely walk through our yard. Stuff is starting to slow down as Fall approaches, but Peg's mums look wonderful along the front of the house. Yall can't imagine how thrilled I was too see our banana palms were adorned with 2 nice bunches of bananas. Peg and I planted those palms 3 yrs ago and were beginning to think we had the non-fruiting kind. Lord, please forgive me for some of the "sailor terms" I've called the nursery that sold them to us. Peg told me she was picking pecans, but it was nice to see big, heavy nuts hanging from our trees, ready to fall. Being a crusty ole bachelor, living most of my life on a boat, it was impossible to have things like flowers, bananas, fruit trees etc., in the yard cause I wasn't around enough to care for them. That is just one of the many ways my sweet wife has helped me to have a full happy life.
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