Uncle Sam's Boat Tour of Alexandria Bay on the Way to Boldt Castle

Dan and Jennifer took us on a boat tour that took a couple of hours. It was a gorgeous ride amongst the millionaires' mansions sitting everywhere,each, for the most part, on their own island. We met some very nice folks from the midwest, whom we hope to further correspond with soon, who are sitting behind Jennifer and Dan in the top left picture. Although it was bright and sunny, it was COLD. I was so glad I took my new jacket with me. This was one of those days, with the wind blowing, that I had the hood over my head, and notice some of the other passengers, do as well.
Half-way through the trip, the tour announcer came and whispered to Cappy that his presence was requested in the wheel-house, so Cappy and the boat pilot had a great time exchanging navigational stories.

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