They Know I'm Home Now!

Well, after 4 weeks on da boat, the first 2 days home were like a long deep sigh. I am almost ashamed to admit I barely set foot outa da house for those first 2 days. We napped, honeymooned,chilled,couch-potatoed etc., letting the strain of a long hard hitch slowly wear away. By Saturday I felt rested so I ventured out into the yard and kinda looked around,picked a few pecans, and admired our bananas(see earlier post). Well, you can figure where my thoughts went next; after takin' those pesky chickens' advice for 3 days, (see picture at top, of "chickens" and their "advice") I figured 'to heck with it'; it was time to fire up da pit. The dogs looked on anxiously, sitting cozily on top of the sofa as I injected liquid spices into a turkey and seasoned it for smoking in da pit later then seasoned up some chicken and got the sausage that's required on any good Cajun's pit. It wasn't long 'til smoke filled the down-wind side of the neighborhood and they all knew that Cappy was home. With the smoke billerin', the blues blaring , and a cold beer, it wasn't long fore I felt truly at home, in peace. Peg was puttering in the house makin' some side fixins and came out to join me every so often, always willing to help and quick with a fresh cold, beer when I needed it. She is the ultimate bbq buddie. It's so much easier cookin' with Peg 'cause she anticipates my needs and together we do pretty good. She refers to our cooking style as "the dog and pony show"; its kinda like organized chaos. With a 30 minute timer and Sparky the bbq hound perched in his chair by the pit, I could relax and enjoy the music and Peg's drive-by smooches. All was right in my world. That is until the Saints game came on that is. Those @$#%@$# (insert appropriate sailor term) Saints, right when ya think they are really gonna do it this year, they start shooting themselves in the foot with turnovers and penalties. Well, enough bout the 'Aints; even they couldnt dampen my spirits as I smoked up the whole neighborhood and had a relaxin' Sunday afternoon with my lil family. The chicken and stuff came out spicy, smokie and durn right tasty, if I do say so myself. A guy couldn't ask for a better way to spend the day, and after all the smoke wafting through the neighborhood all evening there could be no doubt that Cappy was HOME!!!

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