Ding Dong the Squirrels R Gone, Which Ol' Squirrels; the Wicked Squirrels...

Those of you who follow dis lil rant, errrr....blog of our Happy Life, may recall the great pecan-squirrel saga of past years. For those of you new to our lil world, look it up in our archives. If ya too rushed, uninterested or lazy to research the bowels of this tome, here is a greatly abbreviated,though,far less entertaining background report: We have 2 small pecan trees in our yard that we baby, pamper,and pray over every year, eagerly anticipating the fruits,(in this case nuts) of our labor. In years past, our entire nut crop ('bout 15 lbs or so) has been wiped out by armies of marauding squirrels. We shook our fist at 'em,cussed 'em, and in short, did everything shy of breakin' out da ol' 12-gauge and sending 'em to squirelly heaven.(that was the quickly approaching last resort.) Well, anyways, during our vacation/evacuation/hurricane road trip last year, the neighbors banded together and removed every last squirrel in da neighborhood. We have several theories bout dat, but prefer not to ask. I mean, let's let sleeping squirrels lie and not open that can of worms, if we don't have to.
At any rate, the results of the afore-mentioned squirrelly eradication can be readily observed in the basket, pictured above. Now every morning Peg and I joyfully skip into the yard frolicking about, like kids at an Easter egg hunt, gathering our much anticipated nut crop. Pause for a moment and picture that, in yo head: 2 chubby Cajun grandparents "frolicking about gatherin' nuts". If dat don't make ya smile it's prolly cause ya picture it as it actually happens. Wit my bad knee,sore ankles and stiff joints, it's more like a creaking, groaning, cussing, beer-bellied morning stretch than a frolic. At any rate we are happy to report that the brisk Fall winds of the last few days are bringing us an average of 20 or more nuts a day, and already visions of pralines are dancing in our heads.
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