I'm Thankful For You.

If I had eight LONG arms, I'd use them to hug you from here. I'd also use them to try to get more accomplished more quickly. Multi-tasking as Cappy calls it. I've been neglecting my blogging duties to try to make some Christmas gifts. I'm almost finished. Above is a pic I had to crop out of a picture that Cappy had taken of the doggies when he was home. I had made this octopus, named Olivia for Cappy's neice, Claire, then wrapped it before taking a nice sharp picture. (For some reason, they don't frequent our blog, so no danger of her seeing this.) I also made a lap quilt for Ray's Mom, a frilly lace Christmas pillow for a family friend in NYS, sundry other little projects and some of the Christmas tree ornaments I like to make, below, which will find their way to friends' homes.
This Thanksgiving I wanted to tell you how much you are appreciated. When Cappy and I first started writing about things in our little part of the world, we had no idea that anyone, outside of family would be interested. As it happens, not too many family members are all that interested. (giggling here....maybe it's cuz they know us well enough from just being related to us :oP) The 'kids' in western NY keep up, tho. What has really touched our hearts is you. So many of you encourage us; take an interest in our silly or serious, the proverbial sublime or ridiculous situations in which we find ourselves. But, through it all, we've gotta laugh, and knowing you laugh with us lets us know we are not alone. You also cry with us. It's come to our knowledge that one of our dear 'family' members has passed. We will be writing about it soon. It broke our heart to learn that someone, whom we've never met, read our blog, and kept up with goings on at our sister website, CajunCousins.net. That is amazing enough, but he kind of made a 'science' out of trying quite a few of the recipes in the Kitchen part of CajunCousins. He had me beat there. We cry for the loss his family is suffering; the ache in their hearts this Holiday season. It's a loss for us, knowing we'll never have a chance to 'hug his neck' in person. Maybe at some point, we could meet his family. One just never knows.
I admit, I can get kind of blue around this time of year, anyhow, with Cappy out on the boat. We celebrated our Thanksgiving a few weeks, ago...but still. Yesterday at the post office, Ms. Bev told me that recently while her mother was in the hospital, and passed, that to help take her mind off her mother's suffering, perhaps, she'd come read our latest blatherings. (well, she didn't put it that way.) She said it helped lift her spirits. She has no idea how much she lifted my spirits just then, when I really needed it. I just want to say again, Thank You, our regular friend, for your being there for us. Please have a wonderful 'Turkey Day' and take good care of yourself. Hugs.
P.S. Hey! I got invited to Thankgiving Dinner tomorrow, an' I'm goin'!
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