We had a great group of Trick or Treaters this year. Since I (Cappy) miss so many Halloweens, ya might say I go overboard on the candy, but hey, I gotta make up for lost time, don't I? Peg raises an eye-brow as I load the shopping cart with candies and goodies, but she forgets that I have big ole 'Cappy hands' and can dole out quite a bit of candies in one paw-full. Not only that, but I always buy an extra bag of her favorites, knowing they will never survive in the cabinet to see Halloween night. As luck would have it, our outside flood light, in an evil twist of fate, picked that moment to burn out, and me with no spares. Not to be detered, however, Peg took a cue from one of the neighbors, who had tiki torches blazing around their front door, and rousted out an old candelabra and set it in a dormant window box. The effect was so cool, we think we will do it again next year. Well, it was hard to tell who had the most fun; the kids, me handing out candy, Peg taking pictures, or the dogs laughing, barking and terrorizin' the kids. It was a great night and now I have good memories to carry with me through the next few Halloweens that I will prolly miss on da boat. It's ok though, the trick is to pack as much fun as ya possibly can into the time that you have. Thats the way we try to live our lives. The treat is to see pictures of the kids that came to our door, and to do that, click on the title of this post. Here's hoping you all had a fun Halloween as well.
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