I Want One of DOZE

Boy, didn't our Cappy do a great job of posting when he was home. I've been kinda lax, I know. I've been making things for Christmas gifts and for some reason not getting enough sleep, which makes me hesitant to blog with a foggy brain. I'm sitting here sipping my one decadent cup of rich, sweet Irish Cream freshly ground (whoo hoo) cofffffeeee. It aint helpin'. I've been staying up keeping Cappy company all night on our cell phones; maybe (duh) that has something to do with my staggering around half asleep. Last night there were many strong storms blowing through the area. Tornado warnings amundo. Sadly, one man was killed, and several homes and mobil homes were badly damaged. None in our immediate area.
Around six a.m. with bad lightening still cracking and rain blowing sideways, I hadda try to get some sleep. An hour later the "garbage guys", who have to be admired for their wherewithal, rumbled their big truck down our street and loudly screeched to a stop ten feet from my bed. I punched the pillow a few times and tried to doze off again. About half an hour later, the dogs thought they had to go out. I hitched Raleigh to his leash (he is not trained yet to stay in the yard and gets into trouble, running amok if not leashed), used sundry pieces of furniture each as a cane to keep me upright as I hobbled through the house to the back door, flung it open and walked out into a lake on the carport in my barefeet, soaking up half of said lake in the hems of my pajamas. The dogs stood behind me in the doorway surveying the scene, refusing to become a part of it. Getting a better look, myself, I noticed that pots and plants and a big metal 'screen' had fallen down. It was a mess out there for sure, and there I stood in the middle of it. None of them wanted a part of it and decided they wanted to finish their naps before going out after all. "Gee, thanks, guys". I turned on the tv and flopped onto the couch, thinking I could fall asleep there. I was just getting back into this nice dream where Cappy and I were at a wedding reception, when the phone rang. Twice, then just as I about got ahold of it, it stopped. Snuggled back in. Sighhhh. The cell phone rang and quit right away. Dang. "If they ring again, I'm not answering." They rang. I let the answering machine get it....two times, but nobody left a message. The cell phone rang two more times, so I answered it and talked with a chipper Cappy, who is having just a wonderful morning on three refreshing hours of sleep. It was the first time he'd called, so I dunno who else I wanted to throttle about then.
Welllll, the coffee's good anyhow. I'm up and dressed. Sitting here staring blankly at this screen, wondering what the heck all the green writing is that I just filled it with.
I think Cappy wanted me to write ya'll about the wedding for his neice we attended last week in Mississippi, (blearily peering closely at the monitor...did I get enough i's and s's in there?) so I'll put a link on here for you to see some pictures anyhow. I have a couple of blogs that really need posting, but I'll do what when the 'fog' clears. http://cajuncousins.photosite.com/tawed/tawedr/
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