Stormy Night Last Night

Last night the weather got just like our cookin'; kinda spicy. A nice storm came through with a hard wind and rain, then this morning every thing was all fresh smellin', although a lil damp. The wind really did whip and when Peg and I got back from voting and eating lunch at one of our favorite lil joints we discovered that one of our banana palms had fallen over in the storm. It had broken over the fence in the wind and lay in the neighbor's yard. I had to chop it into pieces, pass it over da fence where Peg was waiting to haul it to the compost heap. The bunch of bananas I saved may be big enough to ripen on their own, so I lashed em to the patio to hang there and try to ripen. The other bunch (pictured in an earlier blog) not being as mature, wasn't as heavy and survived the storm intact. The storm also knocked down several lbs. of pecans, which we gathered up. We already have a nice bunch shelled, and I toasted some today for snacking. I made my famous brown suger and spicy Cajun roasted pecans, and judging from Peggy's reaction, they came out pretty good. Thank God, we are free of those @#$^$%&(sailor term)squirrels.

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