Cappy is Home For Christmas

This is a picture Cappy took while he was out in a bay loading his barge with raw crude from an oil platform. He's gotten very little sleep over the last couple of days, so presently he's napping. Dan is here, having gotten in yesterday, and needs sleep, too. Dan did a lot of what Cappy calls 'rat killin'; taking care of a lot of the normal neccesities of life that need doing, to be able to come down. Both the guys need a good vacation.
Cappy came home with a camera loaded full of God's beautiful nature, but he is so whooped, he told me to post one picture and tell ya'll he'll be putting more on later.
Done, and did.
As for me, I've still got some crafts and cards to work on, plus, I have practice for the choirS. And HEY! I just got one of my Christmas gifts today!! Wait til you HEAR what it is...I don't think you'd ever guess in a million years. Think Cajun hubby. ( I LOVE this gift!)
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