Ho Ho Ho Who Wouldn't Sew

Me. I've been trying not to 'bite off more than I can chew', as per Cappy's admonitions, and that of our priest. (A picture of a Holiday pillow for one of my relatives.)The thought of hauling that sewing machine down one more time out of the cupboard this month makes me shudder. I only have a few more crafts to finish, which don't require "Ol' Betsy"(the sewing machine), a few more things I want to get to the post office, then Thursday, when Cappy gets home, I know better than to think I can take a big relaxing sigh of relief. He will hit the dock running, all excited, like a kid let out of school when the circus is in town...where to go, what to do first! We always have way too much fun. He says he plans on doing a lot of blogging, so be prepared to hear a lot about outdoor bbqing again, candy and goodie stirring and cooking, Dan's visit, lights being strung; hopefully nobody getting hurt in the process. We can't wait.
In the meantime, I've painted the kitchen a sunwashed yellow, which Cappy has not seen yet, but he's already commented on the color, "Sunwashed yellow....if I didnt' know better, I'd say it was Butter colored, which is what anyone would expect in a chubby Cajun's house." Well, he knows me alright, I guess it really is butter colored.
I really love the picture that Snow and Boo aka Taylor and Teri, from Canada made for us. I went out and got the material for a Mrs. Santa skirt, the hat she (I) am wearing in the picture, the white fur, and white gloves. I found the dark red velvet blouse, and have a white turtleneck. The ladies in the church are having a Christmas party and want us to dress up in whatever seasonal costumes we want, so I plan on wearing that. Cappy and I plan on taking Dan, again, to the Celebration Under the Oaks at night again and dressing up for it. People were waving and calling to "Santa!" Cappy all night, even on the ride there, from their cars. I am looking forward to this next two weeks so very much.
Taking a deep breath...letting out a long sigh. It means that I have to get "Ol' Betsy" back down out of the cupboard so she can make my Mrs. Santa Claus outfit. The only problem is that she'll probably want me to help. HELP!!!
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