They Tell Me,"Since You're Not Doing Anything..."


Cappy and I got up yesterday at 4:30 A.M., we gathered all his seabags and sundry paraphernalia as usual,plus some of his opened Christmas presents, such as reading materials, (Presently, he's reading the Mauterin Series of Patrick O'Brian about life on the high seas in past history...the days of the tall ships) and stowed them in the SUV. After dropping him off at his office, an hour from home, where he was able to drive out to his boat, I drove back home and slept. Til this morning, and woke up at about ten o'clock.

I'm telling you, I don't know where this man gets all his energy, but Dan and I were 'tag-teaming' to try to keep up with him the whole time. He had a deliriously, deliciously happy time off dat boat for his Christmas home this year. (We celebrated our Christmas on Sunday, the 17th) We have so many pictures, but I dont' know where to start.

And as it was, I was still trying to get my crafts all finished, ...which...ahem...I didn't. Between helping Cappy and Dan make candy and maintaining my duties as 'soo chef'...(anybody know how to spell that correctly?) for the wonderful dinners he cooked, I was wrestling with webs of sticky strings of hot glue, all up and down my arms, or doing a jerky version of the Chicken Dance as I tried to quickly pry off molten globs of the stuff, which was tenaciously stuck to my fingers. I had the dogs' rapt attention. Apparently I can growl and screech in 20 different dog languages.

I am happy tho. I like staying busy. For some reason, people think I have a lot of empty time on my hands. Between Cappy and me, I have very little time to spare, and I love every (most) every minute of it. When somebody asks me, "Well, what do you do?" I like to say, "Nothing, but I need twice the amount of time to get it all done".
A quick lap quilt for Cappy's Mom in the nursing home. A recipe box for son, Thom, and some pot holders for Cappy's boat galley.

A few table centerpieces for family members and a friend. The one has a Christmas themed candle holder for the center, but I forgot to take a picture of the finished product before I sent it off. They can put a little tree in the center, or plant;maybe a vase of flowers; whatever they like for their table. And this isn't all of it. Plus our Christmas cards, and all that entails.

I know we are all pulled and dragged in a lot of different directions. I'm not complaining, honestly. I have slowed down, at least inside myself. In the midst of chaos, I've not panicked (weird for me) but hastened to the words of our pastor for this season, "Don't worry; be Happy"...he even made us all sing it back to him so we wouldn't forget. And several times we had reason to worry and not be happy, but it worked out just fine.

Now, since I'm really not doing anything just now, I'm going back to bed. Yawn, stretch...and I'll talk to you later. Hugs, Peggy :-)
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