Sunday rolled around and yall knew, what with the big Saints game being at night, I just had to invite a lil family over for a patio-tailgating bbq. We fired up da pit, put some Christmas music on da out-door speakers and smoked up some of my sweet and spicy pork steaks and babyback ribs. Dan, Peg, and I donned Saints shirts, iced down some beers and invited my Sis's family over for the festivities. They were a lil reluctant at first, cause of the Christmas rush and all but, we bribed them with our never fail, "Babin Bait"; 36 oz. daiquiries from the stand down da street. The BBQ was wonderful if I do say so myself, and some of the Ribs didnt even make it to the table:-) Now das a compliment! Peg fixed some baked beans and her amazing coleslaw. As usual, all the slaw disappeared; what didn't get "ett" got toted home in a tupperware. We had a great time, and for a pleasant finish to a wonderful day, the Buffalo Bills won, and the Saints positively spanked Dallas, to our great joy and surprise, causing us to chant: "Who dat, who dat, who dat say dey gonna beat dem Saints" till we were hoarse.

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