The Spirit Awakens

We went to Christmas in the Oaks last Saturday, and are thrilled to report we felt the stirrings of that grand old gal Nola. Not returned in all her splendor, by a long shot, but ya could definately feel her spirit in town. It was almost a palpable, tangible thing, and though faint, definately discernable. (Big words I know, but how do ya describe something that most folks can't even envision.) All I can say is, Peg and I were joyous to feel the stirrings of the spirit of the city returning after sooo long and sooo much devastation. It was evident in street lights illuminating long darkened streets, cars lined on long vacant curbs, and Christmas lights not only on the FEMA trailors in folks' yards, but also in every third house or so. It's very hard to put into words, but we felt a lifting of our spirits and a twinkling of the 'joie de vie' the city used to exude. This was a wonderful Christmas gift to us, and anyone, who loves the City, as we do.
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