4th of July, I'm Read, Wide and Blue

It's another holiday and the neighborhood has packed up and left for their family get-togethers. It seems they all left in one fell swoop, hitting the road about nine a.m. Earlier, there were a lot of sounds of hustling and clanging and banging, but now it's awsomely quiet around here.
I remember lots of 4th of July's from, even way back, when I was a tiny little girl. My grandparents lived on the levee in Olean NY across the river from the stadium where they set up the fireworks. The family always gathered there at my grandparents' house, picnicked all day, then at dusk, gathered outside in sweaters, kids rolled up in blankets on the grass, in anticipation for the fireworks display. Even tho the house is no longer there, and my family has all either died or moved out of the area, the stadium is still there and so are the fireworks every Fouth of July.
Holidays are a little difficult for me nowdays, unless my Cappy is home with me. I just spoke with him and he said that today they are "off on an adventure", meaning, the usual hither and yon places they run, back in the swamps and bayous, has been replaced with orders for them to go off into uncharted (for them) territory, with all kinds of other twists and turns in those orders. It's those kinds of things that make his job interesting. The other day, while waiting to load his oil barge, he and the guys got to do some fishing. They got a couple of huge fish...I'm sure you'll be seeing pictures of them when Cappy hits dry land next week.
At home here,as usual, I tried pushing myself into other people's plans for today, but was told that they don't have any plans. Well, too bad for them, cuz this morning I made plans. I'm tired of sitting around waiting for invitations, or getting turned down, so I'm going to do what I did for Easter, and take myself out for a day on the town! (I think I'd better invest in a stronger deoderant and a better brand of toothpaste, not to mention a nicer attitude, if that's what's wrong with me.)
One thing that's got me down, too...if you read yesterday's blog...one of the symptoms of getting off this 'medication' is weight gain. Well, that's never fun, and as it is, I was already "chubby", as Cappy calls us. That's a better term, I think, than what we really are.
Ya know, I'm sorry I haven't been so very upbeat of late, like I usually am. And I usually AM upbeat and cheery, as you may or may not know. Right now I just feel as though I am kind of 'leaning' on you, even tho I don't know who you are, reading this 'detoxification mental flow'. I'm hoping I can get this 'stuff' out of my system and get back to the happy person I was, panic attacks notwithstanding, before I started taking them.
Sheesh, I'm going to be Sooo embarrassed to look back on this blogging time in my life. But, friend...thanks for being an important part of Cappy and Pegody's World through it all. Thanks for reading.

P.S. Plans have changed. Cappy called and had me look for some important maps he needs to be able to navigate where they are going. They were here and there in the house, but I found them and need to take them to him in the middle of the night sometime, because it's the only time he'll be where I can meet the boat. They're in a big hurry, so I'll take "da boys" with me so we can drop them off to him. I'll need to take a good nap today.
Ahh well...my idea of a day on the town is a chintzy movie, with a tank of popcorn and a salad at a fast food place, anyhow. We'll live it up when da Capster gets home. We have another big wedding/road trip to attend. Whoo hoo!

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