Summer Hitches

Well, as most of you know by now, I drive a boat for a livin'. Das why they call me Cappy. Summer in South Louisiana is brutal hot with lots of afternoon thunderstorms. The bayous are full of beautiful flowers and everything is lush and down-right tropical. I found these morning glorys vining on the bayou bank, almost dripping flowers down into the water. The humidity in the evenings make for soft, pastel-colored sunsets. I include this picture of a sunset that I watched slowly sink into the marsh. Truly a wonder to behold. The third picture I included, to show ya why I don't take pictures of the city, or lights in the evening or early morning. The exposure has to be long to get the sky, and well, ya can't hold still on a rocking boat. Das why my best sunsets don't have any lights in the fore-ground and ya never see pictures of the great moon scenes I see.

Our new wheelman/pilot, Robert, turns out to be a pretty good fisherman and it wasn't long til a friendly rivalry started up 'tween Robert and our apprentice mate, Asa. Robert pretty much 'skunked' Asa this afternoon when we were in salty water. These pictures are of Robert with a nice Redfish and a big ole Black Drumfish he caught. Asa, good-natured that he is, manages to sit there smiling while Robert picks at him bout the fish. Asa had his turn to 'pick' a few days later, when we were in fresh water, and he caught a couple Bass. Well, Asa may not have caught those fish that day, but he sure did them proud the next day in the galley. Nuthin' like fresh fried fish. Das one of the perks of what we do.

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