The Calm Before Sweet, Lovable Cappy Storms off'n Da Boat.

It's always been a tradition that on the Monday before Cappy gets off the boat, which is Thurdsay, I tell the dawgs, "Day after day after tomorrow, 'Daddy' will come home". They look at me, but never get excited. It's also the day I go around 'tying up loose ends' so that when he's home I don't have to spend a lot of time messing with 'peripheral' stuff.
Today I plan on finishing painting the hall. No big whoop.
The big whoop will be when he's home. We thought we might go on over to New Orleans one day; visit the Aquarium, check out the Riverwalk area, have lunch at our favorite Gumbo Shop, then to a Zephyr's baseball game.
(Hey...I accidentally hit the wrong button and this thang posted the blog before I finished! Grrr.)
This is just a bland kind of post anyhow. It's like when along the shoreline, the water is going out, out, out...
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