Mo' West for the Weary

Only 6 more days til Cappy gets off'n da boat!
The "adventure" he is on, which I mentioned on the last post, takes them way out to south-west Louisiana. He hasn't been to the Lake Charles area in about ten years or so, and has been busy consulting the old raggety maps, which the dawgs and I took him, and his GPS. Right now they are traveling West on the Intracoastal Waterway. He was up all night til around 6 a.m. this morning, then finally had to take a 'nap'. But he's up again, still navigating 'that a way'.
When he's out there on the boat, he has lots of time to think and plan, then when he actually gets home, we have so much fun. This time off we plan on going to some baseball games, fishin', and then heading to north Mississippi to one of his neices' weddings...that will make "Four Weddings and a Funeral" in the last year. (Wow, they oughta use that name as a title for a movie or something.) We're looking forward to this one (the other ones were great, too) because the wedding and reception will have an Hawaiian theme. I found the "loudest, tackiest, parrot-festooned" Hawaiian shirt I could find for Cappy, as per his instructions, and some cargo shorts to go along with it. Since the wedding itself will be held in a church, the family isn't sure if the attire will be suitable for wearing IN the church itself. Kin have been asking Cappy about it, so he called his sister to find out, and presently we are all waiting to hear the decision. If we all have to change our clothes between church and reception hall, so be it. It's the Bride's day, we love her, and it's gonna be FUN, no matter what! Cappy heard that everyone is going to "get lei'd at the door" going into the reception, and being the 'salty seadog' he is, I can only imagine his response, but I'm not gonna ask.
Seeing that the only thing standing between this next upcoming exciting two weeks yet to be had, is this long trek out to the Lake Charles area, and back again, I can only say, "Go West, 'young' man, Go West".
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