New Orleans Ladies, They Sashay By...They Sashay By

Katrina Katrina Katrina...it's all we've heard about in the news lately, that being the 2nd anniversary of the destructive hurricane. Actually, here in South Louisiana, it's on the local news every single day. I heard on national media, that the country is just tired of hearing about it. We hear and read about it on a daily basis, several times a day. Eventually, we hope, the politicians and whomever, get their act together, so that the area can finally, truly recover. And that's all I'm going to say about it.
I have faith in the GOOD people of Louisiana, who have always been an inventive and resourceful lot. Cappy's cousin, Meli, sent along this picture as evidence. Oh, there might be other hurricanes that come along, but, in preparing for them, along with the usual things stashed in their emergency supply boxes, I see the ladies will be packing practical shoes like these and still manage to be "stylin' ".
(wink wink)
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