The Best Medicine

You may recognize our neighbor, Sonia from previous Blog postings. She is one of young Brad's aunts, who lives next door to them, as well. While Bradley is still in a coma, he's over in Houston, receiving the best treatments available in the whole world. They send in physical therapists daily, who work on stimulating his brain, by several different means, but also working hard to keep his athletic body in shape. Sonia's sister, Sybil, who has been staying over in Houston for the family, calls to let me know how things are going, and said that the other day, during a rather strenuous workout, Brad tried to mouth words! The doctors fully expect him to wake up at any moment, but he may wake up gradually. The boy certainly is in there, and communicates the best he can, from which everyone gleans more and more hope. He is able to sit up in a wheel-chair for several hours at a time, breathing on his own. Sonia is over there this weekend and has brought a very special therapist with her; meet her little Yorkie, "Trout". He must only weigh about two pounds, but his heart is that of a lion. He'll take on anybody, no matter what size they are. A couple of joggers were going by his driveway the other day, when he took off toward them barking. Laughing, they told Sonia, "If he was three feet taller, we'd be in big trouble". He's such a sweetie-pie, tho.(Our neighborhood canine group sounds like a wonderful menu; Steve and Monica have Cocoa, and a gorgeous blonde lab, named Biscuit, who is our neighbor Maggie and family's dog, then there's Trout.) I'm so glad that this hospital lets family bring in pets to visit their patients. I think little Trout just might be what the doctor ordered; a ton of doggy kisses.

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