A Fowl Ball

From the last post I was complaining that I might not get to attend the "Chicken Show", because I had to wait around for the Invisible Fence guy to come to our dogs' rescue; their fence having been out of order since the last storm. Actually, I got tired of waiting, put a note on the door with my phone number so he could get ahold of me, then headed on out for a quick visit to the "Serama Extravaganza". Seramas are special small breed chickens, who come in many different flavors...uh...colors. (I hope I don't get into trouble for stating it like that; they are pets and not food, I think, but perhaps Cappy has somehow influenced me, so I'll blame him, in his absence.) This camera just could not do any of them justice, but I couldn't very well talk about a chicken show without including a few pictures, anyhow. The head of the organization is Mr. Jerry, (pictured above) whom I'm assuming did most all of the legwork, drumming up everything to make this show the complete success it was. I've never been to a chicken show before, but, to be sure, I want Cappy to be able to attend next year, as it was so much fun. I missed a lot of the goings ons, because I got there kind of late, and only stayed about an hour. I see that I had missed out on doing the chicken dance and a whole lot of other fun. I did get to meet "Mr. Bebe", Mr. Skip, Mr. Jerry, and a lot of other people, of whom I didn't get their name, or if I did...promptly forgot, but, "that's how I roll". What a nice bunch of people! I truly mean, the down to earth, salt of the earth, good people. As soon as I got there, and after looking about a bit, I found myself wearing a chicken hat and Cajun Two-Stepping with a couple older gentlemen, wonderful dancers, who plum wore me out! I had a great time and I'm glad I went. I never did learn who won the chicken contests, but, personally, I think I am the biggest winner, having gotten to meet so many warm and friendly people. And to think...without Cappy, I might not have gone. I might have chickened out. (Oh come on; you know I had to say it.)

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