Many Happy Birthdays

This weekend is loaded with Birthdays of four of the favorite girls in our life. Today is our granddaughter, Ashley's 7th birthday, shown here on the left with her brother Zachary. How sweet are they! I can't wait to hug them both. Awwww. So cute. Today is also Cappy's sister, Maria's birthday. Here she is with her hubby, Darryl. They are as fun a couple as they look. I plan on seeing them, perhaps today, to give her a big ol' hug; it's gotta be big, cuz Cappy is still out on the boat, so it has to be from both of us. Yesterday was her daughter, Blythe's 9th birthday. Here's a recent picture of her eating a grapefruit she picked out in our yard. She's so much fun! And cute! What a cutie.
Tomorrow is our granddaughter, Destiny's birthday. She's as sweet as she is beautiful. I think she just may be a professional dancer when she grows up. She's been taking dance lessons since she was a tiny tot.
I know this all may sound too syrupy, but this is our family, we love them dearly and we are highly prejudiced. This is our wish for all our Birthday Girls: We Love you, we thank God for you, and may you have the next best year ever. 'Til we see you, BIG computer HUGS and KISSES.
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