Pacing the Cage

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Alas and alack, Cappy has already gone back out on his boat, and actually...a day early, again. (Somebody's momma had to have surgery.) Instead of getting up at 4:30 a.m. to drive Cappy to Houma on Thursday, because he had to be there Wednesday, we both got to sleep in; him on his boat, the dawgs crowded tightly around me in our bed. As I sat here today, making yet another slideshow, Cappy called and asked if I'd care to be their 'grocery lady' this afternoon. There was some kind of snafu, where the boat couldn't make it to Houma to pick up their goods, so I jumped in the SUV and hauled on down to Houma. He also had me stop and pick them up some charcoal and hickory chips, so they can 'fire up da pit' out in the wilds somewhere for their supper. Hmph; I still say those boys are all Huck Finn wannabe's.
As always, I have plenty of things to keep myself busy. As it is, I may have a whole month, but it seems as though I still don't get everything accomplished; things I had shaken my fist in determination to 'get done', ...and yet, not. "Not YET", I say. (Yes, I'm the eternal optimist, I guess.)

One of the things I'm looking forward to tomorrow...at least if all works out as planned, is attending a 'Chicken Show'. Your guess is as good as mine. I think it sounds like a dog show, but with prize Serama chickens, instead, and all the atmosphere of a carnival, sans rides. I think I read that the chickens won't be pacing around in cages, but will be 'strutting their stuff', performing and showing off, because they "love audiences". Some wiseguys say they are going to trot out Cajun fried-chicken as their entry. Seeing that, it oughta make those performing chickens step lively! There's going to be food, of course...(it IS Louisiana), a Cajun band, and dancing. I'm assuming this includes the people, as well, and not just the chickens. I only wish Cappy was home, so we could attend together, and I don't like going anywhere by myself; however, my friend, Lona, said she'd take me under her wing. I plan on taking a bunch of photos. The people who are involved with this extravaganza sound like a real hoot. It should be way too much fun.

The only thing that might dampen my attendence, and that of others is, of course, rain; it's looking as though it might be 'thinking' about it. The main hinderance, tho, might be the fact that since a big screaming rainstorm that we got a couple of weeks ago, the dog's Invisible Fence has not been working. We weren't aware of it, until the other day when MarkyBear decided to waddle his little self on out into the road, where a neighbor was walking their irresistible little daschund. Not good. Apparently, even after the fence had 'gone down', the boys didn't know it, and dutifully stayed inside where they knew the 'line' to be 'drawn', until one certain little wisenheimer decided to 'fly the coop'. It was a good thing I happened to be right there when he did it, and scolded his little butt right back into the confines of our yard. Now, the only day the guy, we jokingly refer to as Little Abner, can come out to fix the 'fence', is Saturday. And I have to stay here and wait, 'til he gets here and takes care of it. Until then, I've been outside with the boys, walking back and forth with them, to make sure they stay in. Tomorrow, Saturday, I'll be doing it again, while waiting for the 'fence dude'; pacing back and forth like a wet hen, waiting and hoping I can still make it to the "Chicken Show".

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