Bayou Teche Boat Trip

We get to travel through some really pretty places at work. and those of you who regularly read us know how much I love prowling the back waters of my Beloved South Louisiana. Bayou Teche is one of the most beautiful "rural" bayous and a true jewel of the Bayous. The banks are clean and uncluttered of the derilects and trash that you normally see, and it is a wonderful ride following the curvy Bayou north from the Atchafalaya river.
I found all the bird houses around this Gazebo interesting, I guess the owners want to attract as many skeeter-eating purple martins as possible to their shady Bayou retreat.

Many of the homes on the Bayou actually float.

Here is a neat little cottage. These folks have a lifeboat hanging over their picket fence from some boat hooks. This is either a sign of quirky Bayou folk or paranoid ones prepared for a flood.

These folks are almost tacky enough to be us.

Wonder who these folks are gonna be pullin' for come football season? Maybe the fresh purple and gold paint on their boat house is a clue.

(Lord say da same): das me and Peg's retirement home. A motorized house boat that we could pack up da dawgs and go
prowlin the Bayous in.
The Bayou does have a few tight spots to navigate through. I put this little slideshow on youtube so yall could blow it up full stream and watch me make the Jennings bridge on the boat. Like it aint a tight enough squeeze, I decided to make it trickier and drive through while snapping pictures. Here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/user/cappyandpegody#P/u/1/gHs7upEsIzk
If ya think that was a tight squeeze, here is a slideshow of us going through the Berwick Locks. Look at the bottom right and click the icon and it will blow us full screen. That is my view from the wheelhouse. I hope yall enjoy it.
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