But This is What Cappy Really Meant

In the last post when Cappy said, "Home is where you park it" he was thinking that it would be a good slogan to have painted on our new camper trailer. We just might do that.
In years past Cappy has had old used pop-up campers, but I couldn't manage to handle all the hard cranking and everything else unfamiliar that came along with their use, especially when I was thinking about quickly taking off in case of hurricanes or other such emergencies.
From reading a lot of past posts, you must know by now 'how I am'. Can't you just imagine me fighting with crusty, old nuts and bolts, cranking away with the lug wrench jamming at every turn...if I could get it to turn, having to lie down in the dirt to struggle with rusted support poles, trying to force them into their settings, or frantically running around all four sides of the thing, fumbling while folding the collapsible sides down, pinching my little fingers...I'd want to beat the whole thing up with it's own tire iron. And I don't care what Cappy sez, SparkyBear is NO help :-P
So, we opted for a small camper that's no longer than our boat at home. I've been learning how to back the 19 foot boat....pretty well...not perfectly yet...but like uh said, "pretty well". I went online and researched for quite a few months til I found what I thought I might be able to handle in the way of campers. It was still totally up to Cappy as to whether he thought it was a good little camper or not, so he checked out these links and said, we should go check one out in person. http://www.cruiserrv.com/fun-finder-x.php
The company highly recommended Bent's RV RendezVous over in Metairie, which is really New Orleans...to us anyhow. Well, Cappy just loved the camper. He crawled on, under, around and through the whole thing inspecting everything and wanted to buy it on the spot. The people who run the place are the greatest. Our salesman, Randy Trainor, has a neat sense of humor and treated Cappy and me as grandly as though we were dressed to the nines and coming in to purchase one of their luxury buses; and not dressed 'like us' and coming in to buy one of their littlest camper trailers. Everybody was just great and we had a lot of fun. Although, when we went to pick it up, we had to spend some time doing paperwork, getting insurance, etc. the time was filled with getting to know some of these folks, like Floyd Pitcher, the finance manager, who is a dog lover like us. We recognized a kindred spirit right away. He and his family have adopted/rescued a couple of Boston Terriers, "Frankie" & "Buster" and an English Bulldog named "Bully", who I'd like to meet, myself. He proudly showed us pictures of them on the Mississippi Boston Terrier Rescue link http://mbtr.org/ It's amazing how many quiet heroes live among us. These dogs look so cute and loveable that I'd like to get them all together to socialize with our "brats". Boy, what a nice guy.
Then they had Paul, their head mechanic, although we know he was busy, but he took a lot of time showing us all the minutia about how the thing works, and tips they had learned over the years about how to make life easier for us, so that we don't have to 'reinvent the wheel' by learning on our own, making a lot of aggravating and maybe costly mistakes. He made it sound easy to understand, even for me. PLUS....a BIG thing for me....IF I should be anywhere and find myself in trouble, I can call him for help!!! (He might find hisself sorry that he offered that service.)
They gave us a $50. gift certificate to spend in their supply store. There were a few neccesary things we had to pick up, but then one of the things Cappy insists is important to camping is strings of party lights...pink flamingos and light houses, which he scooped right up in his big paws, saying, "AlRIGHTy then!"
Randy said that the whole business is family operated, and it shows in their pride of how competently their company is run, with knowledge of their fine products, with nice people who work there in every department, and who treat their customers with a genuine warmness and caring respect.
I'll betcha when we either "hit the LOTT-tree", as Cappy calls it, or get rich sellin' our book, that when we go sashayin' in Bent's RV RendezVous over there in Met'rie to buy the biggest RV they've got, we'll still be treated the same wonderful way...even tho' we'll still be dressed 'like us' and we'll still be our "delightfully tacky" Cappy and Pegody selves.
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