Going Home For Mothers' Day

A Card for you, from us: http://www.bluemountain.com/view.pd?i=231907467&m=6065&rr=y&source=bma999
Not a day goes by that I don't miss my Mom. Even after a dozen years, it still seems like I could rush to call and ask her a quick question about something important, or not so important. But she's not here, and I'm left to myself with the sudden shock and realization again, that's she's gone from me; forever. But she was only just here wasn't she? And Mothers' Day is another day lost that I could have told her how much I love her, would love to kiss her forehead and get another warm hug to last a lifetime.
I hope my children all know how much I love them. They call me often to share whatever is going on in their lives and we always tell each other, "bye, I LOVE YOU!!!" Today my daughter, "Lady Jennifer" (aka "Sookie") sent me these beautiful lavendar roses. She hates purple, but she knows I love it, so she sent them to me With the purple vase. Also included is some very fancy Mother's Bouquet floral tea in silk bags! Oh my goodness; it's chamomile, rose, cornflowers, orange rind and orange flavor. So lavishly delicious. But I'm drinking it out of the Betty Boop I Don't Do Mornings coffee mug Cappy got me for Mothers' day (along with a matching oversized sleep t-shirt :-) I'm glad teenagers grow up and become best friends with us. She wrote on the card, "I hope you have a great day. I Love You Mom With all my heart. Hugs and KissesXOXOX, Love Jennifer"
I got a wonderful call from my son Dan and his wife, Jen this afternoon. LOLLING...when they woke up this morning, there was a layer of snow everywhere! I said, "I don't even wanna tell ya..." (I've got the doors and windows thrown open with fresh Spring breezes wafting in.) Chasie, is doing so MUCH better on his wheat and gluten & casein free diet and thus talking sentences and feeling like a regular little boy. They are expecting baby Emily sometime in July.
My son, Joe sent this bouquet of "Hugs and Kisses" in a GREEN vase (sorry Cappy), with a bonus box of...CHOCOLATES!!! :-D Now the boy can write poems. I'm so proud of him for that. Some time you just might have to indulge me if I go to printing them out here. The poem he wrote for me came along with the flowers from him and his family goes:
"There's no one else who does it,
Quite the way you do...
You know it isn't only what you say,
It's what you do!
For all you do...for all you do...
These buds are for you!
Happy Mother's Day"
Hey! He didn't lift this from a beer commercial did he?? :-P
I haven't heard from Thom yet, but expect he will be calling soon. Presently, he's in the middle of a lot of changes in his life, but is happily looking forward. It's taken him quite awhile to get over the loss of Diana, the mother of his daughter, Cierra. He's doing pretty good, tho'.
No matter how old a gal is, she's some mother's daughter. Sadly, this morning Cappy's dear great-aunt Helen went Home to spend Mothers' Day with her Mom, to tell her how much she loves her, to kiss her forehead and get another warm hug to last a lifetime...and an eternity.
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