Just This Past Saturday

I've always loved wedding receptions, but I've never seen anything like a New Orleans wedding reception, and WOW! was it FUN and LOUD! Although it rained torrents all day and the weather threatened all kinds of disasters, it didn't stop these 'unsinkable' New Orleans party-goers. As Cappy always asks me, "Do you know what a Cajun does when it rains???... He gets wet. So what. This is the Big Easy." People flip-flopped their way along the shiney wet stone sidewalks in the French Quarter under some of the most garish umbrellas you could imagine. And it just seemed right. As a matter of fact, Sonia had me paint a 'Second Line' umbrella for this very wedding occasion. I painted the one on the top...the male counterpart to the more delicate lady's umbrella on the bottom, (which I didn't paint).New Orleans is the only 'foreign' city in the United States, I'm told. And the place was lit up...the WHOLE town!!! I've never seen New Orleans so alive, even before Katrina. Every single street had masses of carefree tourists and the usual colorful folks who live there. I drove my young neighbor, Drew, home because he plum wore out, but his eyes about popped outa his head when I deliberately drove up along the perimeters of the French Quarter so he could see the sights. (nothing X or even R-rated, or else I wouldn't have taken him along that route) The usual silver, living 'statue' has even been updated, so that I wanted to stop and gawk at him myself, but kept moving...or tried moving. The traffic is StopStopStop, but for some reason the people never seem to mind; it's all a part of the experience.

Oh...I never did mention whose wedding reception I attended (it stormed so badly on the way to New Orleans, that I missed the wedding by minutes, having had to stop. I swore there were a couple of tornados in the mix.) :-( Our neighbors across the street, Judge Jude and Sonia's daughter, Abby married a young man named Tom, and they live over there in Naw-lins. It was Sooooo much fun, even tho it was dark and stormy out. A wonderful Saturday 'night'. Hope you enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed making it for "Yall" :-) It's also over on youtube where you can see it much bigger...cappyandpegody's channel.

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