Cappy Sez "Home is where you park it"

He was home and we parked 'it' everywhere. We parked 'it' in the SUV for hours on end traveling from the minute he got home. One place we hardly parked 'it' was HOME.
When I picked him up from the boat, we got home, changed into our 'work' clothes and headed for Lowe's to pick up lumber for our new little gardens. It seems as though we were always somewhere doing something.
We traveled to eastern Tennessee to visit a 'ramp festival', we got in Tinker Bayl and went to pick blackberries, we went to New Orleans and bought a new little travel camper, to Thibodaux a myriad of times for other projects, a new freezer and once for a bale of hay!
Well, now after about three or four miserable months, I'm finally getting a lot of blessed SLEEP. I'm not sitting up on the couch all night (or most nights anyhow, now) to try to catch some elusive ZZZZZZ's, because of my "new kitchen cabinet" neck injury, and not seeing things through a gray haze of fatigue. That being said, I think I'm inclined to catch you all up on where we've been parking 'it'. Where we've been, at least for the last two weeks. The place(s) is Hither and Yon, where we met LOTS of very, VERY nice people who made us feel right at home with them. Photos and stories to follow.
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