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Feb. 26, 2011
Dear "Aunt Mary"

We thought we should let you know that MarkyBear is in intensive care again at Laplace. His pancreas and liver have been acting up again. He's been in the hospital since Wed., but he went to the dr. on Tuesday, when they admitted him immediately. Tests show a 'suspicious lesion' on his pancreas and adrenal gland, but the mass in his liver hasn't changed or grown. This morning the dr called and said that he finally ate someting and we are hoping he doesn't throw it up. If he keeps it down, he can start taking his meds by mouth and hopefully come home to recuperate until such time when they can 'go in', find out what's going on inside and FIX it.

Since we know that you love him, too, we thought you should know so you could help us pray him well.


Cappy and Peggy

(& SparkyBear the Brat as EVERYBODY calls him :-)

Feb.26, 2011

Aww Marky. Please know you are in my prayers. I know you will be back on your feet soon Big Guy. You are such a precious soul..Tell Mom & Dad to keep me updated.....

Your Loving Friend

Aunt Mary

March 3, 2011

Dear Aunt Mary,

I am home now, but still not feeling all the way 'good'. My Mom said I have to go back and see the dr. tomorrow for a 'check-up' but you and I both know that means somebody is going to stick that 'thing' in my butt again...I HATE when they do that. My Mom said if you wanted to , you could go read about me here: http://cappyandpegody.blogspot.com/2011/03/before-rest-of-story.htm.

She won't read it to me cuz she said she doesn't want me to worry. What does it say??? izzit something bad? She already cut my food way back to practically NOTHING, I think. I don't know of anything that could be worse than that...except that "thermometer" in my butt.

I love you Aunt Mary, and SparkyBear peed in Mommie's house again right by our Dad's chair, so don't love him, ok?

Your GOOD dog friend,


March 3, 2011

Awwww my poor Marky. You are in my prayers and I know you will be fine. You are such a great fella and you have the kindest heart I know. I read your update on Mom's blog. It doesn't sound too too bad, but don't be sneaking anything into your stomach. Mom knows best. Tell that brother of yours he needs to be the man in the house for awhile til you can take over again. And that means NO MORE peeing on the floor.

Love you Big Guy...

Aunt Mary

April 1, 2011

Dear Aunt Mary,

Boy, I've had a rough time since I came to see you the last time. I had to go back to the vet two times, but the last time they made me go to sleep and when I woke up, my belly hurt so BAD. And they made me stay for too many days there. My Daddy was out on the big boat, but my Mommy came to see me every day and rubbed my back and told me I was a good boy about a hundred times. I was kind of scared. Well, I'm home now and my Daddy was home, too. Then they made me go to back to the vet...oh NO! But my Daddy stayed with me while the vet took some "staples" off my tummy. My Daddy said he counted 34 of them. They hurt. I hollared one time for my Mommy, but she said she had to go out to the other room for that happening to me.. When the vet was done taking out those bad things, Mommy came back in and the vet told her I was all well now. Mommy cried when the vet said I got no cancer or nothing bad now. It was all because some 'bee-nine' thing was in my tummy a long time.

Now I can RUN and play and I'm so happy!!! I'm sorry I bited SparkyBear's ear at the vet when he was bozzering me. He had to get his ear stitched. It was when I was still sick tho'. The only thing wrong now is, Mommy and Daddy aren't feeding me a lot. And I like a lot. But I sure like running now.

Well, I miss you and I thought you musta worried about me. Now YOU stay well, so when SparkyBear and I come to stay with you, I can show you how good I can run, ok?
I love you Aunt Mary,

Your GOOD dog


And SparkyBear took my Mom's pen.

April 1, 2011

Dear My Darling Marky,

I'm so glad you got the bee-nine out. I can't wait to see you run and jump about. Ask Mom to send me a pic of your new slim self when she gets time. Don't worry too much about biting brother. I know you didn't mean it. There's times I'd like to bite him myself, but he does try hard not to be a brat. Some of us are just born that way. I've been busy with projects here to make you more comfortable when you come and visit. Show these pics to Mom.. I hate bugs and am in the process of screening in the whole patio. What what a job.

Stay safe and much love you to.

Aunt Mary

May 2, 2011

Dear Aunt Mary,
I am feeling so good now! Peoples prayers works don't they? Know what happened now? Two bad things by my yard. My friend, Shadow, who used to come see me every day 'til she got a collar like SparkyBear and I got so we can't go out of our yard...well, her other dog, Cocoa...who was BIG and HUGE and brown got sick and died. He barked at me everyday. Aunt Mary, do you think he's in heaven? And the other bad thing is squirrels again in my yard eating my Dad's and Mom's plums out of the tree. I tried, I tried, I tried running as fast as I could to stop them, but they always run up the phone pole and go back across't the street. They make me so mad. I'm sorry the news is so terrible from here today, but I thought you should know. My Mom said to tell you two things, too. Well, she said to tell you to look at this: http://cappyandpegody.blogspot.com/
(Oh and SparkyBear can't hardly keep up with me, cuz I wear him out.) And the other thing...well, she only said it to me, "NOW WHERE AM I SUPPOSED TO SLEEP WITH YOU DOGS HOGGING THE BED???" I think Brats are supposed to sleep out in the kitchen on the floor so Mommie and I can have more room and for Daddy, too. Right?
For when we come to visit, give me the best room, ok? Because I love you. And it looks nice
Your GOOD dog, MarkyBear Robin
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